Datarwe welcomes The Alfred Hospital as a collaborator on the Clinical Data Nexus and introduces Dr. Shane Nanayakkara to our clinal advisory board

Datarwe is extremely pleased to announce its recent partnership with The Alfred Hospital. Datarwe and the Alfred Hospital signed a research collaboration agreement and will be working in collaboration with Dr Shane Nannayakkara and the Department of Cardiology on five research projects, using Datarwe’s Clinical Data Nexus platform capabilities.

The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, brings expertise to the Clinical Data Nexus

The Alfred Hospital is one of Australia’s busiest emergency and trauma centres and operates Victoria’s largest Intensive Care Unit. The Department of Cardiology at The Alfred Hospital is a leading institution for tertiary cardiology care, with the largest structural intervention program and a cardiac transplantation program covering three states nationally.

One of the Alfred’s missions is to provide treatment, care and compassion and advance the science of medicine and health to contribute to innovations in treatment and care. The Alfred, in partnership with The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, undertakes research in cardiology in order to reduce death and disability from cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other related health disorders.

The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne

Dr. Shane Nanayakkara, Datarwe’s Chief Cardiology Advisor

Through this research partnership, Datarwe welcomes Dr Shane Nanayakkara as Chief Cardiology Advisor. Dr Nanayakkara is an interventional and structural cardiologist and researcher at the Alfred Hospital, with a PhD in heart failure. Dr Nanayakkara has an extensive experience in the junction between machine learning and medicine, which he is continuously developing through his research projects at The Baker Institute on the role of artificial intelligence in cardiology.

He will be leading five initial research projects between Datarwe and the Alfred Hospital, alongside Datarwe team of data scientists and AI experts.

Dr Shane Nanayakkara, Chief Cardiology Advisor

Cardiology and Artificial Intelligence

The five research projects will focus on improving cardiologic patient outcomes through the use of predictive clinical decision support tools enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning:

Non-invasive detection of scar during echocardiography

This study aims to create a pathway to improve the non-invasive detection of scars in the thorax.

Prediction of risk for patients requiring a pacemaker

In this study, we propose a deep learning algorithm to identify and quantify the source of the risk, and correlate this with abnormalities during implant.

Prediction of irregular heartbeat in patients undergoing cardiac surgery

This research project aims at improving the accuracy of abnormal heartbeat prediction, by identifying patterns within the ECG which trigger its onset.

Prediction of blood flow in patients with and without heart failure

In this study, we hypothesize the possibility of estimating blood flow by applying AI to non-invasive echocardiographic images.

Prediction of valve reduction

This study aims at creating an algorithm to identify ‘occult’ valve reduction to measure severity of valve disease.

Datarwe’s Clinical Data Nexus: Secure, Data De-identification, Enrichment, Labeling & Privacy Services

Datarwe’s Clinical Data Nexus provides advanced data engineering services, which accelerates the research process. Typically, data centric research requires data de-identification, enrichment, labeling & privacy preservation, which take 80% of research project time. Datarwe provides all of these services through its Clinical Data Nexus data-as-a-service platform, allowing researchers to focus on applying their subject matter expertise to the research question.

The research projects combine the use of fully de-identified critical care data including echocardiograms from the Alfred Hospital’s echocardiography, the Baker echocardiographic and MRI database that have been cleansed and curated by Datarwe. Research can be conducted on Datarwe’s Clinical Data Nexus, which maintains the tools necessary to access and interact with the data as needed, however, it remains de-identified and housed only on the hospitals’ platform.

The Clinical Data Nexus expands the capacity and capability of the research community to undertake collaborative translational health and medical research by facilitating the connections between hospitals, researchers, clinicians and product developers with research-ready, enriched real world clinical data.

To know more about our platform, reach out to us by emailing: Our team of data scientists will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you more information.

The Clinical Data Nexus expands the capacity and capability of the research community to undertake collaborative translational health and medical research.

Dr Shane Nanayakkara

Chief Cardiology Advisor

Interventional and Structural Cardiologist and Researcher at the Alfred Hospital

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