The Clinical Data Nexus is a trusted research environment connecting approved users with over 13 million real world deidentified clinical data episode hours.

Datarwe’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of medical AI innovation to the clinician bedside and beyond by transforming the way hospital data is stored, handled and accessed. Datarwe connects hospitals, researchers, clinicians and developers with research-ready, enriched data through our Clinical Data Nexus.

Fragmented data storage and misaligned, cumbersome research approval procedures pose significant barriers to advancing the healthcare system through AI and machine learning R&D. The potential for AI and ML tools can unlock novel insights from multiplex patient data and create advanced, accurate clinical decision support. However, the development of such advanced tools requires large data sets and rapid connectivity between hospitals, their research partners and the med-tech community.


Datarwe’s CDN is a singular point of connection to a vast network of local and international real world data.


Datarwe’s CDN links 19+ national and international hospitals.


Datarwe’s CDN avails network participants to more than 13 million episode hours of curated data.

Developed out of the need for advanced tools requiring large, cleansed data sets and rapid connectivity between hospitals, their research partners and the med-tech community.

Clinical Data Nexus

Our Clinical Data Nexus data-as-a-service is a secure, governed cloud-based platform offering wide and deep access to streaming de-identified health-provider data. The CDN offers health-providers and healthcare ecosystem participants a secure methodology and platform on which to rapidly collaborate and economically leverage their data-drive healthcare initiatives globally. The CDN provides the key collaboration tools for in-depth data analysis and development, whilst ensuring that data providers always maintain ultimate control over their data assets.

Clinical Data Nexus



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Orchestrating real world data for AI-enabled healthcare innovation

Cinical Data Nexus: A dynamic, yet secure platform, built to service medical researchers, healthcare providers and AI developers to translate and scale clinical research on real world data into powerful tools that advance healthcare.

The Datarwe Clinical Data Nexus platform allows hospitals and healthcare providers to engage across jurisdictions and collaborate seamlessly with a wide community of clinical researchers in a secure, governed sandbox. The Nexus research community expands the possibilities of collaborations so that hospitals are not constrained to current research linkages and existing agreements. 

Data security is becoming a major concern for organisations, the Nexus solution is complementary to health services’ existing data lake strategies, as the platform is focused upon enabling and tooling up the “last mile” collaboration with research partners, and providing the collaborators with access to a research sandbox in a secure, “5 safes” environment.

AI and machine learning techniques provide prescriptive analytics and decision support to optimise health outcomes. Comprehensive predictive and prescriptive models of disease and intervention can be realised from deep data sets.

The data lake encapsulates real-time streaming ICU data such as that measured through electrocardiograms (ECG) as well as ventilatory, cardiovascular, antibiotic, renal, and neurological measurements. Prediction algorithms can pre-empt onset of sepsis in advance of organ failure, allowing for early intervention. Reinforcement learning can be used to understand optimal policy for interventions for individualised patient conditions and diagnoses. This can augment clinical decision processes to advise on optimal intervention, such as drug dosage.

Insights & medical research translated into outcomes


  • Supports the extraction and transformation of provider data
  • Maintains & enhances current security
  • Provider data remains in the custody of the provider
  • Expands the potential landscape of research facilitators accessible to providers
  • Access to enriched, research ready data & a suite of tools to enhance clinical data R&D
  • Supports new & novel partnerships
  • Seamless translation of clinical decision support tools
  • Ability to test and translate other advanced tools using the CDN in their own clinical setting
  • Accelerates clinical R&D through to beneficial translation
  • Access to linked data sets from multiple patient cohorts providing large population sizes for advanced AI/ML tool development



International Partnerships



Healthcare service provider looking for improved management of research needs

Academic or clinical researcher looking to expand network opportunity for collaboration

Health Tech innovator needing access to patient data, looking to innovate their healthcare system


The Clinical Data Nexus can accelerate translation of your clinical research outcomes.

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