Datarwe partners with IntelliHQ for the launch of a new and innovative National AI Training Program for the healthcare industry

Datarwe is pleased to announce its partnership with IntelliHQ for the launch of a National Big Data Capture, Management & Analysis, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) training program. This program is supported the Australian Government’s Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry (REDI) Initiative, powered by MTP Connect.

Datarwe and IntelliHQ will deliver an engaging and immersive series of training courses on big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the healthcare and medical research fields.

The new national program, commencing July, will support and promote the translation of AI research back into the healthcare system to improve patient outcomes and system efficiency.

“These programs will raise awareness for senior hospital and health service staff on the benefits of big data in healthcare, while assisting clinicians, researchers, nurses and scientists to develop foundation skills in big data and artificial intelligence”

Dr Stephanie Chaousis, IntelliHQ General Manager

Presented by a suite of experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a number of national and international program partners, these training courses will provide a key opportunity for people working in the Australian healthcare sector who are interested to know more about using AI tools at work.

The program will conclude with a 2-day hands-on clinical datathon event for participants to apply the skills learnt during the course to a real-world situation. Multidisciplinary teams from around Australia will team up to work on real world patient data to solve multiple healthcare problem in the form of a datathon.

Datarwe will be providing data science and data engineering support, as well as the underlying platform for both the training courses and the national datathon through its Clinical Data Nexus (CDN) platform. The CDN is a secure, governanced cloud-based platform offering wide and deep access to streaming de-identified health-provider real world clinical data for clinical innovation and research translation.

“Datarwe is pleased to support the aim of the MTP Connect Program as it perfectly aligns with Datarwe’s vision of the Clinical Data Nexus platform which connects hospitals, researchers, clinicians and product developers with curated, enriched real world clinical. Datarwe’s data scientists and engineers look forward to interacting with senior clinicians and healthcare executives in executing a range of clinical projects as part of the national datathon”

Steve Woodyatt, Datarwe CEO

The CDN offers health-providers and healthcare ecosystem participants a secure methodology and platform on which to rapidly collaborate and leverage their data-drive healthcare initiatives globally. It is a key collaboration tools for in-depth health data analysis and development, whilst ensuring that data providers always maintain ultimate control over their data assets.

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