Datarwe partners with Strategic Tech Advisory KJR to host an Indigenous Traineeship Program

Indigenous Traineeship Program

Amy Lepinay, Hunter Stanley, Tim Moloney

Datarwe has partnered with KJR to host an Indigenous Traineeship Program in their Gold Coast laboratory. Starting on March 29th, this traineeship program will open doors to technical careers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander High School students.

Backed by the Queensland Government through Economic Development Queensland (EDQ), students will complete their traineeship at Datarwe Office, located at the Cohort Innovation Space, within the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge precinct.

Students from Year 11 and 12 who are interested in understanding more about Data Science will have the opportunity to learn from Datarwe data scientists/engineers, developers, and medical advisory team to learn and apply best-practice data science and software engineering.

Hunter Stanley is one of the Indigenous High School Student enrolled in the program

This is a fantastic opportunity for these students to explore their career within the IT industry. One day per week for 12 months, these students will be able to learn about tools for working with and analysing data applied to real world situations in healthcare.

Through this traineeship program, students will also gain an insight into the workforce environment and an opportunity to observe and learn from technology experts. The structure of the program will allow them to work closely alongside Datarwe and KJR technical teams but also among other key element of the team, gaining mentorship, knowledge, and experience.

The programs are designed to help students discover their career paths, develop a CV, experience workplace settings, and build their teamwork and networking skills. Ultimately, they will be able to get their Certification III in Business at the end of their 12 months training program.


For more information, contact Amy Lepinay, Marketing Coordinator,

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