Dr Griselda Calabrese

Dr Griselda Calabrese

Datarwe Associate Program

Associate program review

It’s always great to meet and learn more about the Datarwe team. Here we reach out to members of Datarwe’s associate program.

  • Affiliation

QUT REDI Fellowship 2021

  • Role

AI Healthcare Research Associate

  • Project worked on at Datarwe
  1. Smart Pill Box prototyping
  2. Proposal for a Home Dialysis AI Innovation Project
  • Your experience at Datarwe

Without a question, the industry placement at Datarwe provided me with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain critical insights in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) while sharpening my emphasis on it’s multiple applications in clinical practice.

Joining the Datarwe Innovation Centre provides valuable networking opportunities, as well as connecting visits to outstanding Gold Coast-based businesses and community health services.

  • Major Activities carried out throughout the placement:

In-house collaboration with fellows, staff, and trainees on co-designing and rapid prototyping of the Pill Box using advanced electronic components.

Regularly attended professional IT events at the Qld AI-Hub and the Australia Computer Society (ACS) in Brisbane and Gold Coast. At the same time, I am completing an NUS AI for Healthcare online course.

Developed an Innovation Project proposal to explore the use of AI to enhance healthcare staff recommendations while routinely monitoring home dialysis patients, as well as to determine the PillBox’s applicability.

Currently, I am actively investigating several clinical scenarios and seeking sponsor support to continue forwards with the next device development.


I’d like to thank Dr. Kelvin Ross (Datarwe CTO and Queensland AI Hub Director) for his constant support and encouragement. Hi is an outstanding mentor and motivator.

Dr. Ross is a true “champion”; he has showed me the skills of “engagement” required to succeed in a corporate setting, and I am filled with excitement about making a move and feel confident of handling any obstacles that come my way.

I’m at a loss for words to thank Mr Gio Schipani, TAFE Eng-Teacher, for his incredible professional guidance and painstaking labour on two iterations of the pill box concept during his CPD visit to Datarwe.

I’d also like to thank the office and technical staff for their ongoing assistance and positive influence in terms of defining, designing, and stimulating feedback inputs.