House of Representatives Hansard

Speaker:  Ms Angie Bell, MP
Speech: Moncrieff Electorate: Health Care
House of Representatives Hansard 

Ms BELL (Moncrieff) “Well on the Gold Coast as our tech system accelerates more of the people who enjoy a morning wave will be getting ready for a day of coding and software marketing Mr Deputy Speaker”.

“Local tech innovation points to an even brighter future for the Gold Coast. Last week at the Health and Knowledge Precinct in Moncrieff, I visited two great examples of the Gold Coast tech sector. The cohort space has received an incubator support grant of $150,000 from the Morrison Government to develop and deliver their Luminex Health and Wellness Startups Accelerator. This is the first such specialised program on the Gold Coast.”

“Ben Howe and Dren Xerxa from the Cohort are building our own Gold Coast Tech Ecosystem. This project will validate and commercialise up to ten internationally oriented startups that will have access to hospitals and laboratories, connections to Health Industry Leaders, mentoring and international market access and connections. The project will leverage existing resources at the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct and the Morrison Government is backing the Gold Coast Tech Ecosystem.”

“Based at Cohort already is the Health AI business, the public/private partnership, Datarwe. An acute care medical research data platform as a service. Thank you to Dr Kelvin Ross, Dr Stephanie Chaousis and Dr Brent Richards for your insights when I visited last week and congratulations to you and the great work that you and your team do on innovation that will translate to better health outcomes for patients”.

Ms Angie Bell MP, Dr Katie Allen MP, Datarwe advisory board member Dr Brent Richards and CTO Dr Kelvin Ross