Datarwe Talk: Healthy Data; Healthier People

Addressing the gap in translation of medical innovations to the healthcare system

Australia is facing a big healthcare crisis. The Australian healthcare system will be the severely overburden in the next 5 to 10 years if healthcare services are not expanding and the healthcare work force is not increasing.

The pressure has already been seen and COVID 19 was a great example in showing how important the issue is. Long waiting times, no doctor available when needed, lack of democratized access to healthcare are some of the many issues that need to be addressed.

It is common to hear that the answer to this problem is artificial intelligence. What could AI do for the healthcare system? Early detection of diseases, cure for cancer, automation of processes and operational efficiencies are some of the many benefits AI could bring to healthcare system. AI could save life, save money and vastly improve the Australian healthcare system.


Why don’t we have AI broadly in healthcare?

Is it from a lack of technology or a lack of research? Datarwe Partnership Manager, Dr Stephanie Chaousis addresses these questions in our recent Datarwe Talk. The response to this gap in translation of medical innovations to the healthcare system is data. But not any data, healthy data.

Datarwe solution

Our Clinical Data Nexus (CDN) data-as-a-service is a secure, governed cloud-based platform offering wide and deep access to streaming de-identified health-provider data. The CDN offers health-providers and healthcare ecosystem participants a secure methodology and platform on which to rapidly collaborate and economically leverage their data-drive healthcare initiatives globally. The CDN provides the key collaboration tools for in-depth data analysis and development, whilst ensuring that data providers always maintain ultimate control over their data assets.

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Dr Steph Chaousis PhD

Chief Customer Officer