Brisbane Olympic athletes’ village could be modelled on Gold Coast success

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The 2018 Commonwealth Game athletics’ recreation rooms are now home to small start-up businesses in a centre called Cohort.

On Cohort’s top floor, a bar during the Games has become as artificial intelligence laboratory.

A medical start-up called Datarwe now operates from the 2018 former Commonwealth Games Village. This area was a bar. Tony Moore

Here, one small success story is Datarwe, a start-up that provides a data platform for researching patient care. It won a $1.5 million grant from the Queensland government’s Department of Innovation.

Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct business development manager Kathy Kruger described it as a

“precision-data medicine platform that looks at all the data that comes out of intensive care units”.

“It de-identifies that data but it uses the cumulative data to predict better outcomes for patients going through intensive care units,” she said.