Latest Datarwe Interns now in-place

(Left to Right) Tim Magner, Tim Alexander, Zohaib Jan, Tariq Kawas

(Left to Right) Tim Magner, Tim Alexander, Zohaib Jan, Tariq Kawas

After an overwhelming response to Datarwe’s call for 2021 Summer Internships, four successful applicants have now joined the team. Datarwe’s Internship Programme provides students a ‘real-world’ professional learning experience with meaningful, practical work related to the student’s field of study or career interest.

Learn first-hand from our latest team members on their background and what led them to apply with Datarwe.


Tim Magner

I graduated from Griffith University in January 2020 with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Physics and minoring in Information technology. I applied for Datarwe because I would like to gain some hands-on, industry experience in the sciences in the hopes that I will become better qualified to continue my studies at University which may lead to undertaking a Master’s degree.

Tim Alexander

I graduate from Griffith University in December 2020 with a Doctor of Medicine and will next year start as a doctor at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane. Prior to studying medicine, I studying a Bachelor of Laws and worked in commercial litigation. I applied for Datarwe because I think AI will play an important part in the future of medicine and I want to play a part in that transformation.

Zohaib Jan

I graduated with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing from Central Queensland University Brisbane in September 2020. I have been conducting research in the field in the last 5 years and having a PhD under the belt I would now like to move into the field of consultancy. I applied as an intern at Datarwe because it will be enable me to get a more hands-on experience necessary to score a solid position as an AI consultant.

Tariq Kawas

I will graduate from Griffith University in Jun 2021 with a Masters in IT majoring in Data Management, Enterprise Architecture, Information Systems, and Business Data Analysis. Prior to studying IT, I have completed a Bachelor of Engineering (honours) in Electronics and Biomedical Engineering. I applied for Datarwe because it is where I see myself working, and it at a place that uses state-of-the-art technology to aid healthcare providers. 

Tim x2, Zohaib, and Tariq will each be collaborating with Datarwe’s experienced data science and engineering team, building industry experience with industrial scale datasets, and developing a professional and community network. Welcome to Datarwe !