Gold Coast Hospital COVID-19 Dashboard

Gold Coast University Hospital Dashboard

Datarwe has deployed an acute-care bed dashboard in the Gold Coast University Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The dashboard was initiated by Queensland Health and executed at GCUH under a Strategic Relationship Agreement, with broader plans for deployment in other Queensland Health ICUs state-wide as a COVID-19 rapid response measure, as announced by Minister for Innovation, Kate Jones in April 2020.

The dashboard derives data from a Precision Medicine Data Platform lake developed by Datarwe within the Queensland Health data ecosystem at GCUH. The data lake encapsulates real-time streaming ICU data such as that measured through electrocardiograms (ECG) as well as ventilatory, cardiovascular, antibiotic, renal, and neurological measurements.

The ICU Dashboard is a vital communication tool designed to visualise unit bed capacity, patient status and care trajectory to support decisions regarding admission, discharge, staffing and care planning based on real-time clinical insights derived from information streamed from a data lake linked to the hospital data management system. The Dashboard is aimed at supporting nursing and medical healthcare professionals offering information targeted to support their role in patient care. In addition to the patient current status, the Datarwe team was able to include predictive analytics in the form of clinical SOFA and APACHE scores which will assist clinicians and hospital operational management in decision making.

Datarwe’s ICU dashboard currently deployed in Gold Coast University Hospital’s ICU.

The ability to rapidly evolve acute patient and facility management in the face of a national and global pandemics is invaluable as is evidenced through overburdened medical facilities in COVID-19 hotspots around the globe.  

The current pandemic highlights the need for tools such as the ICU Dashboard to enable better acute care management and fast, ongoing access to relevant data. COVID-19 critical cases lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) which requires a high level of acute care. The demand on hospital resources for a high number of ARDS patients has exceeded capacity of many hospitals globally during the pandemic. If ICU units are overburdened during such a crisis, unnecessary loss of life may occur. Improving the management of acute care is a high priority in this current pandemic to ensure best possible patient care and reduced strain on clinicians. 

The Datarwe ICU dashboard has been developed on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) private cloud platform that is initially servicing the Gold Coast University Hospital however has the capability to expand to encapsulate data from many other sites at the state and even national level. 


About Gold Coast Hospital and Health Services – Gold Coast University Hospital is one of Queensland’s largest clinical teaching and research facilities, providing public health services for the Gold Coast and wider community. The GCHHS provides specialised facilities, equipment, expertise and staff acuity to deliver public hospital services and support other departments of the hospital.

The Critical Care Research Unit in GCHHS has over 20 years of collaborative research experience, from working with local universities through national investigator lead research through to large multi-national commercial studies.