Datarwe receives $1.5M funding boost from QLD Government

Datarwe receives $1.5M funding boost from QLD Government 


Datarwe, a Gold Coast-based data-driven technology company is developing a Precision Medicine Data Platform that could well revolutionise innovations in health care around the world. 

The platform collects de-identified patient data from hospitals’ Intensive Care Units’ monitoring devices and clinical notes and enriches the data to be more effectively and immediately used in the hospital research process. Currently, such data are either not collected, or are not readily available for clinicians to use in the development of critical new medical therapies. 

With the Precision Medical Data Platform in place, clinicians and medical researchers are now readily able to access and rapidly collaborate in the development and delivery of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based clinical diagnostic tools and technologies, bringing immediate and measurable benefits directly to the patient bedside. 

The company’s data platform is so promising the Queensland Government is investing $1.5 million through the Advance Queensland initiative.  

Advance Queensland uses global best practices to build Queensland’s innovation economy, with its investments driving economic growth and creating jobs across all Queensland regions. 

“We’re extremely excited what this significant investment from Advance Queensland will mean for the further progression of our platform and the improvements in healthcare this will provide” Datarwe Chief Technology Officer Dr. Kelvin Ross said. 

“For patients, it will result in more precise diagnoses and treatments specifically tailored for them. For health providers, our platform will provide efficiency benefits in the operation of health services. And for health researchers, the platform will provide a real-time 24/7 data ocean of tremendous depth. It unlocks economies of scale that benefit the entire health service and research industry.” 

Datarwe is at the fore front of rapid developments in big data analytics, machine learning and AI 

“Our platform brings all this information together to provide hospital staff working in acute care with decision-support tools they need in assessing critical, highly complex situations quickly, in saving peoples’ lives. 

Datarwe’s mission is to partner with health services across the Asia-Pacific region to develop a comprehensive platform containing de-identified data on millions of Intensive Care episodes. This data ocean will fuel Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques in the rapid development of medical innovations. 

“This Advance Queensland investment is a critical step in making Queensland a global hub for medical AI research and associated technology firms. We are already attracting the world’s leading medical AI researchers and innovators to collaborate and invest here, and that will create a new industry of advanced skills and jobs locally. 

“The investment will allow Datarwe to bring forward recruitment of staff into key roles, further accelerating development of the precision medicine data platform.” 

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About Datarwe :-  Datarwe is a data-driven technology company which is establishing an acute care medical research data platform. Data from real de-identified Intensive Care episodes is collected by the platform and enriched to be research-ready. The platform enables clinicians and medical researchers to more rapidly collaborate in the development and delivery of trusted Artificial Intelligence (AI) clinical diagnostic tools and technologies direct to the patient bedside. Datarwe is established as a public-private partnership with members including Amazon Web Services, KJR, and TechConnect, in partnership with the Queensland Government and Queensland Health.