What is datarwe’s Precision Medical Data Platform?

Medical care is only as good as the data which forms the foundation of the collective knowledge of the medical health system. High quality data and data analysis equates to high quality medical care. Medical data is increasingly recorded electronically with millions of valuable data points from patients stored on various EHR systems. However, the medical health system is focussed on and equipped for patient health care and not the management and analysis of big data. Datarwe’s precision medicine data platform will facilitate the secure transformation of this static data into valuable insights that will accelerate advancements in medical care benefiting patients, clinicians and society as a whole.

Key Problems datarwe’s PMDP Solves

  • Lack of cohesion in data recording and sharing between different medical services
  • Untapped insights that could improve medical care sit idle in the data pool
  • Access of data to medical researchers is cumbersome slowing down important research
  • Data security and privacy when data sharing is not centrally managed

Key Benefits of having a PMDP

  • Increased quality of care and patient safety
  • effective treatments – medical treatment can be more personalised
  • access of valuable data to medical researchers
  • the opportunity for global research collaboration
  • level of data security and privacy provided by a centrally managed system/protocol