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Datarwe key supporter at inaugural QLD AI Hub Medical Datathon

13 July 2020   |  GOLD COAST

Datarwe, a Gold Coast-based data-driven technology company aiming to develop the world’s most comprehensive acute care medical research data platform was a key sponsor, presenter, and team participant at the recently completed Queensland AI Hub Medical Datathon.

A virtual event chaired by Datarwe’s Dr. Stephanie Chaousis, the Medical Datathon was Queensland AI Hub’s first major event and drew over 200 people across two weeks.

From the 8thto 21stJune participants discovered and collaborated through webinars and workshops, learning the potential insights and improvements in health outcomes which can be derived from medical data using AI.

Datarwe is at the fore front of rapid developments in big data analytics, machine learning and AI.

Datarwe’s Dr Kelvin Ross and Dr Brent Richards were amongst national and international experts presenting at the datathon, providing insights into the latest advances in AI for healthcare.

The Medical Datathon bought together multidisciplinary teams with individual expertise in the areas of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence, combined with clinicians and medical researchers as well as the business and student communities. The datathon created fresh insights to address healthcare challenges based on real-world health data. 

Over two consecutive week-ends teams collaborated on solutions to different healthcare topics with the view to creating translatable tools that could move towards a commercialised model.

“The datathon was a wonderful opportunity for a wide variety of people from multiple professions to come together, to build new connections and skills and create opportunities to advance healthcare using data and AI” Datarwe Chief Technology Officer Dr. Kelvin Ross said.

Google and AWS also sponsored the Medical Datathon with both companies providing their platforms (Google Cloud and AWS Activate) for use within the Datathon, in addition to each providing a winning team continued platform support to progress development of their projects.

The winning teams were Clearer Consent(Google Cloud), and Vision AI(AWS Activate).

The Clearer Consent team aims to design patient-tailored Digital Consent products that are dynamic in nature with interfaces able to adapt to different cultural considerations and languages.

The Vision AI team aims to build a fully integrated system that can rapidly analyse common imaging (Chest X-rays) modalities for pathology that requires urgent intervention and flag them for rapid reporting.

“Both projects have the ability if they progress to commercialised models to transform healthcare practices in this ‘Covid-Era’ and beyond” said Dr. Ross.

“We’ve seen COVID-19 has raised awareness of how data might play a part in combating this disease. The application of AI to medical data could well revolutionise innovations in healthcare”.


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About Datarwe 

Datarwe is a data-driven technology company which is establishing an acute care medical research data platform. Data from real de-identified Intensive Care episodes is collected by the platform and enriched to be research-ready. The platform enables clinicians and medical researchers to more rapidly collaborate in the development and delivery of trusted Artificial Intelligence (AI) clinical diagnostic tools and technologies direct to the patient bedside. Datarwe is established as a public-private partnership with members including Amazon Web Services, KJR, and TechConnect, in partnership with the Queensland Government and Queensland Health.